Kamp K9 Hawaii LLC

Dog Boarding & Pet Services

K9 Kamper Requirements & Disqualifying Behavior

K9 Kampers MUST be up-to-date on all vaccines: K9 Kampers (aka dogs that are boarding with us) MUST be up-to-date on all vaccines: All dogs will need to be current on all vaccines (Distemper Parvo, Bordetella, Leptospirosis, etc) If your K9 Kamper is from the mainland, your pup will need to be current on their Rabies vaccinations and/or boosters. A copy of current vaccinations must be provided for Kamp K9 Hawaii's records and as proof of current vaccines. Vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. No "by owner/by breeder" vaccine administration will be accepted.

K9 Kampers MUST be in good health for their stay: All K9 Kampers must be in good health before their scheduled stay here at Kamp K9 Hawaii. If your pup has fallen ill within 14 days of their scheduled reservation, they MUST be seen by a licensed veterinarian and a letter will need to be provided as proof that they were cleared to be boarded. 

If it is found that you (the owner of the sick dog) were not honest about the health of your pup, and your pup infected other dogs he or she came in contact with during their stay, you (the owner) will be fully responsible for all medical expenses of veterinarian visits and medication owners incur and all owners reserve the right to take legal actions against the dishonest owner.

K9 Kampers MUST be dog and people friendly: All dogs staying under our care MUST be dog and people friendly. Dogs should not have a history of dog fighting, attacking or biting other dogs or people.

K9 Kampers MUST be dog tolerant: Your dog(s) should be comfortable around other dogs. We understand that all dogs do not want or like to play, but your dog should be ok with other dogs around them or in the same room with them.

K9 Kampers MUST be on a flea and tick control medication: This is very important so as to avoid the spread of fleas and ticks to other pups.

K9 Kampers MUST be housebroken: If your pup has one accident in the house it's ok, but constantly going to the bathroom inside the house is a no no. This can easily damage the flooring and we do not want to have to charge owner for cleaning and/or damages.

K9 Kampers MUST have an understanding of basic obedience: We understand that dogs get excited when they visit new friends and playing around, but our K9 Kampers must understand when a correction is given. Example: If they are jumping on either owner, they should obey a correction (i.e. No or Off). 

We ARE NOT able to accommodate female dogs while in heat during their stay: We don't want to keep them kenneled and separated from the other dogs since their scent can really throw off other pack members. 

We ARE NOT able to accommodate dogs that are strictly "outdoor dogs": Unfortunately dogs that permanently reside out doors are unable to stay at Kamp K9 Hawaii. We always keep a close watch on all the dogs that stay with us and keeping a dog or dogs outdoor all the time does not allow for that. We do not have out door kenneling as an option nor do we accommodate it by request.

Puppies: Kamp K9 Hawaii cannot accommodate puppies (under the age of six months) for overnight stays. Any puppy over the age of six months will be accepted on a case by case basis and will have to undergo a temperament test prior to any reservations being made.


1. Dog/People Aggressive or Liable Behavior: It is understandable for dogs to be nervous when they come stay with us, but if they are not dog friendly by any means and the danger of a serious dog fight or injury is too great, we will not be able to take them in. Any dog MUST be dog and people friendly and if they display any aggressive, nervous and/or fearful behavior, they cannot stay at Kamp K9 Hawaii LLC for their own well-being and for the safety of everyone.

2. Destructive: Digging holes in the yard, chewing on furniture, chewing on walls, destroying any property (shoes, bedding, dog beds), etc. We do not want to have to charge owners for destruction done to our property.  

3. Excessive Barking: Since we board out of our home, we have to abide by the noise ordinance for residential areas. If your pooch is an excessive barker and does not stop with a normal correction (i.e. No, Hush, Stop, etc.) He or she will not be able to stay with us. By City & County regulations, if we get one noise complaint, we will be forced to shut down our home business immediately and permanently.

4. Biting: Should your dog bite anyone of the home owners or another dog, not counting play nipping, but a straight bite (as in aggressive), your dog will be immediately disqualified from staying at Kamp K9 Hawaii and will need to picked up that same day upon notice. Pick up's MUST be done with in one hour of notification.

5. Excessive Marking Indoors: If your male K9 Kamper (whether neutered or un-neutered) excessively marks inside the home, then he will not be able to stay. We understand that male dogs (and also female dogs) mark their territory, however marking inside the house is a big no no. An "excessive marker" can easily create a domino effect with other male dogs and can cause interior damage. We are currently phasing out the "belly band" accommodation for marking purposes as it is becoming a costly up keep. Male dogs should not rely on a belly band to prevent marking inside our home. We will no longer be able to use belly bands for entire length of stays for our in tact male K9 Kampers. * First Time Clients: In tact (aka not neutered) males will be taken in on a case by case basis.