Kamp K9 Hawaii LLC

Dog Boarding & Pet Services

First Time Clients & Temperament Tests

If you are a first time client, you will have to schedule a temperament test for your dog or dogs before any reservations are made and confirmed. Temperament Tests are scheduled on Saturdays, when both Kamp K9 Hawaii owners are available. Our apologies but we do not conduct temperament tests during the week or on Sundays. Temperament tests are only for dogs who are being evaluated for possible stays here at Kamp K9 Hawaii.

There is a $25.00 non refundable fee (cash only) for the Temperament Test and will be applied towards their first scheduled stay-cation. Temperament test's are approximately one to two hours and owners might need to leave their dogs under our supervision and pick up their dog when the test is complete, if there are certain behaviors that require further evaluation. 

*Please Note: Boarding reservations cannot be made/confirmed unless the temperament test has been completed (no exceptions). Boarding dates for pending First Time Client K9 Kamper Stay-cation requests will be tentative until the assessment has been completed.

What is a temperament test? We are assessing the behavior of your pup(s) to see how they feel and react when they are here. We are checking to make sure they are people friendly, not reacting aggressively towards other dogs, that they are house broken, that they are not barking excessively, etc. Temperament tests are necessary to avoid any interruptions during their K9 Kamper Stay-cations and to insure there are no unexpected behavioral issues that could potentially cause danger to other dogs or ourselves.

Tests need to be administered no later than 14 days before any scheduled stay. No tests will be conducted the day before a reservation request or last minute boarding requests. This is to avoid any interruptions to stay-cations or unexpected behavioral issues which could lead your pup to be sent home per our company behavior understanding guidelines contract.

What if my dog or dogs do not pass their temperament test? Not all dogs that come for their temperament tests pass successfully and it does happen from time to time. Please understand that sometimes, we are just not a good fit for them. This does not mean that they are bad dogs, it could just mean they didn't feel comfortable in the type of boarding environment we provide. We do not force any dog to stay here if they clearly show us they do not want to be here. Forcing a dog to stay with us is not fair to them or the owners. Our main concern is that all dogs under our care hare happy and comfortable during their K9 Kamper Stay-cation.

To set up a temperament test for your dog or dogs, please contact us directly at 808-724-4962 (no text messages) or info@kampk9hawaii.com